Hey there!

It's Aleks Jelenic,
I am a Mindset & Business Coach/Mentor and I teach ambitious entreprenuers and those with a burning desire to become one, how to follow the prompting of the spirit, embody your authentic self with unshakable confidence, master the mind and eliminate disbelief so that you can start  living the life you were called to live, the life you desire!

Imagine your future self or as I refer to it as your “Prosperous Self”; having achieved your wildest dreams and feeling accomplished, confident, prosperous and the happiest you have ever felt. What would that look like? Use your imagination, visualize you standing and looking around at this phenomenal life. Where are you? What do you see around you? What are the smells around? Use all your senses and truly be in this moment. Who’s with you? What was it that you accomplished? Why are you so happy? Take a snap shot of this moment! Hold on to it. That’s exactly where you are headed…… 

Lets Go!


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Get started on your journey of authentically being your Prosperous Self!  
The self you were called to be.

The Mindset Makeover

This 4 part video series will help you gain clarity, implement healthy habits and take action to create a shift in your business & life!

Prosperous Self Workshop

Join us for a FREE Self Image Workshop. Align with your Prosperous SELF.

Personal Coaching Call

Discover your purpose and set your goals with a 1-1 Intuitive Coaching Call.
90 Minutes $200

Prosperous Life  
12 Week Coaching Program

Take a quantum leap to the life you were called to live with a 12 week program. 

Here’s what people are saying…

“I want to thank you. You are someone that I can trust to hear where I am at and without judgment give me a clear pathway to where I want to go, without letting me get in my own way! I want to thank you for always being that light source. Before our call 2weeks ago I was feeling low energy and unmotivated and after sitting with what we discussed I went on a 2 hr walk that led to cleaning, waking up at 5 am did my practise, did all my work and by 9am I lived an entire day. You are exceptional at what you do, you know exactly what to say and you have such a powerful intuition. You help people get unstuck in the most beautiful and loving way. Thank you”

- Alexandra, Business Strategist

“You help me get motivated when I feel like I'm not able to do it for myself. On how to get what I want in life and what are the steps I should be taking to get there. Also for advice on how to keep a happy marriage and kids and balance everything when the time comes for me. I think you're AMAZING at all staying positive in every situation. I think you're an incredible mom and wife and entrepreneur, which makes you the best multitasker ever. I think you're an expert at positive thinking and doing what you need to do to get what you want and have always wanted. EXPERT!”

- Danijela, Operations Manager

“I'd come to you for advice about personal things, family, friends, financial, spiritual concerns and issues and of course business. You are good at lifting others up, providing solid and intelligent advice and sharing or allowing others to see a different point of view. You are great at Story telling or sharing a different view or guiding me to see and act out my potential. I mean that's why I re-signed up with you because I want and need the coaching and guidance from you and I feel comfortable speaking with you about my personal things. I don't feel judged”

- Rubina, Arbonne Independent Consultant

“Aleks is a true gifted leader with a knowledge of how to open up paths for other people. Life and emotional problem solutions are her greatest expertise. She is a great problem solver with ability to multitask to meet clients needs. Aleks' patience and passion for her work speaks for itself.”

- Vedrana, Homeopath

“Anytime I would need to hear something uplifting and motivating related to my career. I have often come to you for advice on how to proceed with specific personality types at work, how to deal through challenging times, and what your thoughts were on moving forward or onto the next chapter. I think you are great at providing an unbiased point of view to the situation. You always look at the problem from the outside and have provided me with different perspectives that have often got me thinking differently. I would consider you an expert at spirituality, motivation, marketing, relationship building.”

- Sabrina, Project Manager