I am a Mindset Life
& Business Coach.

I use a high velocity approach for entrepreneurs
to multiplying results in life & business.

Aleks Jelenic, Founder of Prosperous Life Academy, helps entrepreneurs and those who have a desire to become one, get the most out of life! These entrepreneurs know that they are capable of being a better version of themselves, of having more impact and doing more of what they love, but they can’t seem to get there on their own.

With an educational background in Marketing & Professional Sales along with taking internationally renowned Personal Development Programs and a 16 year career in Real Estate and coaching new realtors, as well as the multitude of books she has read, Aleks has developed a success system which helps to align her clients with their true desires, removes the blocks that are getting in their way, and helps them develop an unstoppable belief that moves them towards the life they desire.

Getting what you want doesn’t have to take a long time or be difficult. In fact, this system will have her clients closing the gap so quickly that they’ll be quantum jumping into a life they didn’t realize and couldn’t even imagine was possible for them.

Aleks has used these very same tools for herself to achieve a 5 to10 year goal in just 6 months and has committed her life to sharing these tools with others. She will share the exact steps she took to create the business, marriage, motherhood, and personal life of her dreams.

Individually, Aleks helps her clients recognize their own patterns in beliefs, their paradigms, and helps guide them through to achieve results very quickly. She is highly intuitive and has a unique ability to connect with her clients on a deep level. In fact, she uses her own intuition to guide her clients through the process of awakening their own intuitive abilities. In a group setting Aleks can connect and intuitively guide the group as a collective.

Currently, Aleks and her family, Slobodan, husband and 2 son’s Mio & Slavo live in Ontario, Canada and are loving their new experience of living in a forest, outside of the city.