Letting others’ beliefs stop you from pursuing your dreams?

Posted On Feb 10, 2023 |

Are you feeling that urge? That craving for more? For something different? You feel it in your bones, It's time! Yet you can't seem to move forward.

Are you feeling that urge? That craving for more? For something different? You feel it in your bones, It's time! You want it. Maybe you think you don’t have what it takes or maybe you just can't figure out how it would be possible for you. You feel stuck.
Or maybe, you do know but it's just so out of reach and unrealistic for your attainment that you feel it's better to bury the idea of it, to deny you even want it.

We are all capable of imagining a better brighter happier version of life. It's in our God given design to be capable of imagining it. God blessed us with an imagination for a reason. As kids we naturally knew how to use it. Well, until someone or many told us not to.

Ever hear....
"BE REALISTIC" "STOP DREAMING, GET BACK TO REALITY" or some variation of this?

Well, it was all a terrible lie. The structure of the school system is to create the employee / follower mindset, do as your told type of mentality. Not the entrepreneur, owner, leader, do as you imagine mindset. So, no wonder we have this instinct to stop dreaming up ideas that we can be more, do more, or have more.

We were created by God and he gave us all potential, he gave us an imagination, he gave us free will. HE Is there for us. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find. God's got your back!

The way to live the life you desire and deserve, is simple and because of its simplicity 98% of the population never quite get there. Now, don’t get me wrong. I said it is simple I never said it is easy! Just know that what makes it hard is our programming, our pre-conditioning, our paradigms. What do I mean by this? Your paradigms are a set of concepts or thought patterns, a pattern of beliefs you collected throughout life. Since you were born you were exposed to different peoples actions reactions, ways of thinking, behaviours, etc., and over time the more you were exposed to a similar thought or belief your subconscious mind stored it. Then when life happens, and you face different situations your subconscious mind brings up the specific pattern as a way of protecting you. What if that belief was wrong? What if it wasn’t true at all?

Think about how your parents grew up. Do they have certain beliefs that they passed along to you based on their experience in life or what they were told by their parents? Or a sibling that has a different personality then you and experienced school differently, maybe they were bullied and warned you to behave a certain way to protect you. The thing is, you are not them! You may not and most likely will not have the same experience as they did.

What if they were wrong and you could have that beautiful life you desire and it was not by working harder and waiting for those incremental steps to get there. What if you were BOLD enough to just go for the big dream now? What if it will be a whole lot easier for you? What if you just changed that thought that life is hard or that you have to work “harder” and that it takes years? What if you did it in 1 year instead of 5 or 10 years?

You must start paying attention to what patterns you have formed over the course of your life. Are they serving you for the better? Will they lead to joy, abundance, love, possibilities, opportunities etc or do they feel off and wrong? You get to decide.

With gratitude,

Aleksandra Jelenic

Mindset and Business Coach

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