How to create the unrealistic life you desire?

Posted On Feb 08, 2023 |

The simple steps to create the unrealistic, fantasy life you desire and crave.

The way to create the unrealistic, fantasy life you desire and crave is to simply use your imagination and allow yourself to dream the impossible dream. Ok, ok, there is more to it then that but it does start with your imagination. Ignore all instincts to be realistic and instead allow yourself to dream!

Visualize you with all your dreams/goals achieved. What would that feel like? What do you look like? What are you holding or touching? What do you see around you? Where are you? What do you smell? Take a picture of that specific moment in time that you have everything you could want and then use one word to describe it. Keep that image alive in your mind with the feelings attached to it. Feel it as if it were happening right now.

    Write a detailed description of yourself in that moment. What is she like? How does she think? How does she feel about herself, about the people in her life? How does she feel about her business or lifestyle? What does she do for fun? What does she do for maintaining that life? Be as detailed possible. Add to this in the upcoming days as more ideas flow.

    Describe your perfect “typical/average” day. Think about your typical day as the above version of yourself and what her day would look like. Include the work hours and the personal time too.

    Write a list of 50 things you want to have, to do or to be in present tense. (ie. Vacation home, boat, travel, confident, determined, healthy…). I own a vacation home, I own a boat, I am confident…)

    Now, here is an important task to do and do one at a time until it is achieved. Write a precise statement of what it is you desire, be clear and write it in present tense as if you have already achieved or acquired it. Then read this at least 3 times per day and write it out as often as you can throughout your day for 33 days. For example:

      “I am so ___feeling___(happy/excited/overjoyed) and GRATEFUL now that _____desire____. “

      For example:

      I am so excited and so grateful now that I am earning over $20,000 per month with ease and joy.

      “I am so happy and grateful now that I am living in my dream house, I have a successful business doing what I love and my kids are getting a private education.”

      If you do all of the above you will start shifting the energy you are currently in and head in the direction of what it is you desire. I know, this all sounds silly and that it’s a waste of your time but it is very true that this works. It simply allows your overcomplicated brain to slow down and imagine all the possibilities.

      I was always told you have to work hard and money doesn’t grow on trees and I truly believed that some people are just designed to be successful and I wasn’t. It was just the way it was and no matter how hard I tried I always end up short. It was all my paradigms holding me back. I simplified, I cleared up my beliefs, I wrote her and then I started to behave as her. I achieved a 5 to 10 year goal in 6 months. I got out of my own way and I did all of the above with full trust that God is with me and created me to be great and to do great things with my life not to be stuck in self pity, bitterness and regret. I am capable and worthy of more than how I am currently showing up! I put my thoughts in order, I asked for what I wanted with full faith that it is on its way! I thank God every single day for the life that I have.

      Get out of your way.

      Be brave enough to ask for what you want.


      Have Faith!!!!

      With gratitude,

      Aleksandra Jelenic

      Mindset & Business Coach